Authors cell evolution

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Cell press trends in ecology & evolution.

Evolution, published for the society for the study of evolution, is the premier publication devoted to the study of organic evolution and the integration of the various fields of science concerned with evolution. Trends in ecology & evolution is currently providing illustrative support for free to all of our authors.

Authors cell evolution

Cell was launched in 1974 as the journal of exciting biology. The journal of human evolution concentrates on publishing the highest quality papers covering all aspects of human evolution.

The journal presents significant and original results that extend our understanding of evolutionary phenomena and processes. Best of molecular plant 2018 read some of our editors favorite papers in the free digital edition.

Authors cell evolution

Figure support is available with elseviers illustration services via the webshop. Fair trade commission.

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Evolution - wiley online library.

Evolution is the most fundamental of biological processes, essential for life in a changing world. We invite authors to submit their figures to the webshop at manuscript revision stage.

Now a part of cell press, a family of scientific journals, cell is committed to building on the journals legacy and reputation for publishing need-to-know conceptual advances in biomedical science and to providing authors with a fast, fair, informed, and responsive review process. The central focus is aimed jointly at paleoanthropological work, covering human and primate fossils, and at comparative studies of living species, including both morphological and molecular evidence.

Read papers by the winners and congratulatory reflections from our editors. Mbe publishes fresh insights into the patterns and processes that impact evolution at molecular levels, across a full breadth of taxonomy, genomic organization, and phenotypes.