After crypto winter bitmain

Conspiracy theory the supposed. Bitmain posts 500 million loss amidst crypto winters we all are aware of the bear run that has been impacting the crypto market for the last year.

After crypto giants bitmain & shapeshift cut staff, so.

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After crypto winter bitmain

The confirmation of staff reductions at the giant crypto miner follows speculation, rumors, and posts on social networks that bitmain will sack almost half of its staffers by the end of this week. The only thing certain about breaking up california is that it will cause chaos and cost a bundle.

Bitmain and huobi sacrifice more staff finance magnates.

Shanghai wine and liquor. In any case, a more immediate concern for bitmain is to scale down the business to survive this crypto winter, after bitcoin plunged 70 from its peak over a year ago.

After crypto winter bitmain

Although 2019 has dawned, the crypto nuclear winter of yesteryear has yet to entirely abate. From the hardware elements to the software elements, every element of the crypto space has been affected by this bear run.

The naga card. Recently bitmain, a mining hardware giant company indirectly posted that.

Just weeks after bitmain, consensys, shapeshift, huobi, among other bitcoin-related startups, cut a number of their staff, blockfolio, which manages one of the most used applications in the industry, also had to wave goodbye to talent. Also read statistics show bitcoin cash is a strong contender after crypto winter.

A bitmain spokesman denied that the company would lay off this vast percentage of its workforce, but declined to specify the exact number of planned.